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Medicare Advantage Plans, Boynton Beach

Medicare Advantage Plans, are Managed Care Plans also known as Medicare Part C

These plans are offered by private insurance companies, include your Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical Insurance). Most include Part D (Drugs) and extra benefits such as dental, vision, hearing and gym memberships.

Medicare Supplements Plans, Boynton Beach

They pay some or all of what Medicare doesn't pay.

These plans have a monthly premium and cover some or all of what Medicare Part A and B doesn't cover. As long as Medicare covers your service, the Medicare Supplement will pay its share.

Get your prescription coverage in a Medicare Advantage Plan or enroll in a separate plan. In addition to the monthly premium, costs include copays for your drugs, if there is an annual deductible and where you purchase your drugs.

Medicare Dental Coverage, Boynton Beach

What is included and what isn't.

Medicare doesn't cover preventive dental procedures. Some Medicare Advantage Plans include dental benefits. You can also enroll in a dental savings plan or dental insurance.

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Is a Medicare Advantage Plan, HMOs and PPOs Right For You?
Medicare Advantage plans include your Part A (hospital), Part B (medical) and usually Part D (drug) coverage. They also include extra benefits, such as preventive dental, vision, hearing and gym memberships. The plans have networks of providers you can select from to manage your care. In an HMO, you can only use "network providers" except in an emergency. You will need referrals from your primary care doctor to see specialists. PPOs allow you to go "in or out of network" to see providers but your costs will be higher "out of network". You also don't need referrals. Many of the plans offer "0" monthly premium.
Is a Medicare Supplement Plan Right For You?
Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized plans, with a monthly premium. They are your secondary insurance. If Medicare covers a service, the secondary insurance will pay some or all of the difference. How much the plan covers depends on which plan you choose. There are no networks of providers or referrals needed. If you enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will need to enroll in a separate drug plan.
Which is the lowest cost Medicare Drug Plan for you?
There are over 20 drug plans in Florida . The costs include the monthly premium, an annual deductible ( for some drugs), and copays when you purchase your medications. Some of the plans have "preferred pharmacies and mail order pharmacies" with lower costs. You can pay a lot more than you need to if you enroll in the wrong plan.