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Original Medicare Insurance coverage

Original Medicare insurance coverage was signed into law in 1965. It is Government health insurance for US citizens or permanent residents who have a work permit and certain work history requirements.

Who is Original Medicare coverage for

Original Medicare insurance coverage is intended for those who are age 65 and older. You can also qualify for Medicare if you are under 65 and have certain disabilities or end stage kidney failure. It is also known as Medicare A and B, or Medicare Insurance.

What does Original Medicare coverage consist of

It consists of 4 subsections:  Original Medicare insurance Part A and Part B,

In addition, there is Medicare Part C and  Medicare Part D.

What Medicare Parts A and B cover

Original Medicare Insurance Coverage

Original Medicare Coverage. Parts A and B

Part A (hospital,skilled nursing facility, hospice and home health services).

Likewise, Medicare Part B covers professional services. These include doctors, and outpatient care

Medicare Parts C and D

Also, Medicare Advantage Plans,(with or without drug coverage) are known as Medicare Part C

In addition, prescription drug coverage is also known as Medicare Part D.

Original Medicare Coverage

What does Original Medicare cover?

Original Medicare Part A covers

  • Before Medicare Part A will pay, you must be admitted to the hospital. You can not be an outpatient under a doctor’s orders.
  • In addition, Medicare Part A pays medically necessary hospice and home health services.
  • It will also pay for your blood transfusions, after the first three pints of blood in a year.

What does Medicare Part A cost

If you or your spouse have paid payroll taxes for 10 years, you won’t have to pay for Part A.

If  you don’t qualify for free Part A, you can pay a monthly premium for it.

Medicare Part B covers

  • Outpatient services if they are necessary for your health.
  • Preventative services. These include screenings, tests, and shots.
  • Your yearly Wellness Visit is covered by Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part B also covers

  • Medically Necessary Ambulance Services are covered
  • Also, durable Medical Equipment-wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. are covered
  • Prosthetics/Orthotics-braces, artificial eyes, limbs, etc. are covered.
  • Vaccinations such as Flu, Shingles, Pneumonia Shots are covered.
  • Your Preventative Cancer Screenings, such as Mammograms, and colorectal exams, and Diabetes tests will be covered.
  • In addition, your annual Wellness Exam,  and”Welcome to Medicare ” physical is covered.
  • Therapy and Counseling services are coveed.
  • Similarily, occupational therapy, smoking cessation, speech therapy and included.
  • Non-lab diagnostic tests are also covered. These are X-Rays, MRIs, EKGs. etc.
  • Are you wondering if Medicare B will cover a service or product, visit Medicare to see what’s covered. 

    Costs when you use Medicare Part B

    When you use Part B services, you will pay a co-payment or coinsurance. The coinsurance is usually 20% of the service.

    Equally important, there is an annual deductible which you have to pay before Medicare will cover your service. In 2017, the Medicare Part B deductible is $183.00.

    You can purchase insurance to pay some or all of the costs. You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan with a separate drug plan. Another option is a Medicare Advantage plan with drug coverage.

How to  apply for Original Medicare

  • Do you receive Social Security? If you do, Social Security will automatically enroll you in Original Medicare A and B.
  • If you aren’t collecting Social Security, you need to apply for Medicare.
  • In addition, you can apply by phone, in person at a local office, or online Social Security.

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