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New Medicare Cards in Boynton Beach are coming in 2018.

New Medicare Cards in Boynton Beach

They are coming in 2018

New Medicare Cards Boynton Beach

New Medicare cards Boynton Beach

Reasons for the New Medicare Cards in Boynton Beach.

There is great news for Seniors in Boynton Beach. Medicare will be issuing new Medicare cards. They will have new numbers. They will no longer include your Social Security number.  The Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) on the cards will be randomly issued. It will include a combination of 11 letters and numbers. The new Medicare cards will be mailed in the Spring of  2018.

The reason for the change is to protect Seniors in Boynton Beach over 65. Many of them are increasingly victims of identity theft and fraud.  The new cards will no longer be based on Social Security numbers, they should protect seniors from others using their credit and Medicare benefits. There will be no change in your Medicare benefits and beneficiaries won’t be charged for the new Medicare cards.

Steps seniors can take to prevent identity theft and fraud

Identify theft is one of the most common crimes but these are many things you can do to protect yourself. This is especially important if you are one of the many Seniors living in Boynton Beach.

Use a password for your smartphone and computer. When you use a password, don’t select one that is easy for you to remember and also easy for thieves to figure out.  Avoid family names and birthdays and sequences of numbers.  A stronger password would be a random mix of at least 11 letters and numbers. An easy way to create a long, hard to hack password is by writing out a phrase and then writing down the first letter of each word. Add some number and symbols in between.

Change your password every few months and use a different password for each device and website you use. You’ll need to keep an excel spreadsheet of all your passwords, so make sure you also password protect your spreadsheet if its saved on a device.

Don’t carry or give out your Social Security number unless you have to.  Unless necessary, don’t carry your current Medicare card with your Social Security number.

If you receive a phone call requesting your personal information, hang up. Delete any emails that asks for your or your bank’s information.

Finally, consider adding a lock to your mailbox, as long as it doesn’t lock out the mail.

Don’t leave items of value that thieves can see in your car.

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