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 What Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Cover

What to ask when choosing Medicare Supplement Medigap plans


 What are Medicare Supplement Medigap Plans:

Individual health insurance plans.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement insurance:

  • Medicare insurance plans allow beneficiaries to manage out of pocket costs.
  • Also, you can see any doctor who accepts Medicare patients.
  • Furthermore, you won’t have to file claim forms.
  • Additionally, you can use your plan anywhere they go in the United States.
  • Similarly, if you move out of state, you can still use your coverage.
  • Foreign emergency coverage is included in most plans.
  • Moreover, they are guaranteed renewable as long. You will need to pay your  premium on time.

    How Medicare Supplement Medigap plans work

  • There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida.  See chart above.
  • Plans are labeled A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N.
  • The plans vary in their coverage and monthly cost.
  • Plans with more coverage cost more.
  • Plan F has the highest coverage and premium.
  • High deductible plan F has a low monthly premium requires you to pay your deductible before the plan covers you. In 2017, the deductible is $2,200 and includes deductibles, copayments and coinsurance not covered by Medicare. If you need a lot of Medicare services, this may plan may not be your best option.
  • The plan letters must have the same coverage from one insurance company to another.
  • The insurance companies premiums vary by age and zip code.
  • Your rate could be higher if you are a man vs a woman.
  • In addition, the rates are higher if you smoke.
  • Moreover, some plans have annual rate increase.
  • Medicare Select policies require you to use a limited number of hospitals, and sometime also doctors. In exchange, your premium is lower than a standard policy.

    How the insurance companies determine pricing

    What to ask when choosing Medicare Supplement Medigap plans includes their cost. The price of Medicare Supplement policies varies greatly. You need to know how an insurance company prices there policies. That way you can decide if it’s a good deal.

    The 3 ways that Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies are priced:

  1. Community rated. It’s also known as No Age Rated. Everyone who has the policy pays the same rate. Rate increases are based on inflation and other factors.
  2. Issue-Age rated.  Your premium is based on your age when you enroll in the plan. Younger enrollees pay lower premiums. The Premiums are lower for younger enrollees and don’t change as you age.
  3. Attained Age rated. The premium is based on the age you are when you enroll. Therefore it increases as you age.
  4. Discounts may be offered to women, those who don’t smoke and or enrollees who are married.
  5. Medical underwriting.  If you aren’t buying a Medigap policy during a Guaranteed or Open Enrollment period, you will be asked medical questions. Depending on your medical issues, your rates can be higher.

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