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Medicare Insurance Expert Renee Lempert, Boynton Beach, South Florida

Medicare Insurance Expert Renee Lempert

South Florida Medicare Insurance Expert Renee Lempert


I’m Medicare Insurance Expert Renee Lempert.  I am the owner of Florida Seniors Health Insurance in Boynton Beach,  South Florida. I’ve been a Florida licensed Health Insurance Agent since 2006. I focus entirely on Medicare insurance and Medicare plans.

In 2011-2012, I volunteered for the Florida Department of Insurance’s program called SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of the Elderly). My job was to educate and counsel Medicare clients about  how Medicare insurance works. I also reviewed their plan choices to find the right plan for them.

In 2012, I became contracted with national and local insurance companies to sell their Medicare insurance plans. Since then, I have specialized in working with Medicare beneficiaries.

How  I Help My Medicare Clients:

The first thing I ask is if  you are enrolled in Medicare.  If you aren’t, we discuss how and when to enroll in Medicare.

After you enroll,  I get to know you so I can find the best plan for you.  I do this by asking you a lot of questions. It’s an in-depth needs assessment. This includes reviewing your medication list, your list of medical providers, understanding your financial concerns, and understanding your lifestyle.

I then educate my Medicare clients about how Medicare insurance works.  After we talk about Medicare Supplement plans and how they work.  I’ll explain how to enroll in the right Medicare Supplement plan.

We will also discuss Medicare Advantage plans, how to enroll and how they work.  Next, I review all the plans in your area. My goals is to find you the best, lowest cost health and drug plan(s).

I will explain how Medicare drug coverage works and find the lowest cost plan for you.

After your enrollment, I stay in touch with you. Before the next Annual Enrollment Period, I will contact you to see if you are happy with your plan. If you aren’t and want to change it, I will help you.

The insurance companies I work with require me to go through ongoing training and re-certification. I learn about any changes to Medicare and the plans before the Annual Enrollment Period each year. That way my skills are always up to date.

You don’t pay for my services. The insurance companies pay me, and only if you enroll in a plan. Most important, my job as a Medicare Insurance expert is to find the best plan(s) for you.

You can review my credentials at the Florida Department of Insurance’s website.  Call me, email me, info@floridaseniorshealthinsurance.com or use the Contact form on this site.

Since, there is no charge for my services, why wait.

Call me and I’ll be happy to help you!

Renee Lempert

Medicare Insurance Expert

(561) 704-9302

Boynton Beach,  South Florida



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